How to operate in Chile

Non-residents individuals and corporations can operate in Chile as follows:

a) They can designate a representative

b) They can form an agency

c) They can create a limited partnership or corporation

Operating through a representative

They name a representative and give him a power of attorney to act on their behalf . The power of attorney shall be contained in a public deed and the representative has to be
resident in Chile. The representative will act for investor’s account and risk. This power of attorney can be remunerated or not, depending on the agreement between the parties.

An agency of a foreign corporation

The foreign corporation can appoint an agent to create an agency in Chile. This agent has to legalize the following documents in their original language and with their legal
translation in Spanish (if necessary) in order to create the agency:

While the agent is legalizing the above mentioned documents, he has to subscribe on the foreign corporation’s behalf a public deed stating the following issues:

During the next 60 days a public deed’s extract shall be registered at the Commerce Registry and published in the Official Gazette.

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