Brokering & Luarte law firm advises small and medium size enterprises as well as independent businessmen and other people in the areas of international trade, environmental development information & communication technologies, e-commerce, as well as international law and business law.

Our philosophy is to provide a high quality and personalized service to our clients. We commit ourselves with the development of our client’s business as well with the achievement of their goals.

Our clients are usually companies as well as businessmen, Chilean and foreigners, who are frequently not interested to hire the services of big law firms, because their rates are too high and they lack of personal touch. They are also not interested to use the usual consulting companies, because they do not know about international trade, international taxes and other more specialized subjects.

We work with a multi-disciplinary approach and a clear calling for issues that involve international relations, trying to establish a relation base on mutual trust and personalized contact with our clients.

Our partners have postgraduate studies and professional experience in Germany and Spain. This reflects on the interests and global vision that defines the day to day work at our law firm.

We keep close links on an international level, that are put into practice with collaboration agreements with some law firms in Spain and other European law firms.

Brokering & Luarte presents itself as a law firm, which has come to opt for specialization. Therefore, it has concentrated its efforts in the above mentioned areas of practice and also offers its services to other law firms as a collaborator and not a competitor.

San Sebastian 2812 Of. 809 Las Condes - Santiago de Chile - Phone: 562-2334-62-19
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